Who Are You, Anyway?

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Can I Have That?

Everyone has one… you know… “the one that got away”, the one that just looking at him gets the hidden places all moist and wet…

Everyone has one… even HipChick!

Well, this morning as I pulled into the parking space at work, “the one that got away” was sitting in his car waiting…

Waiting for whom? Waiting for me?

I’d like to think so but he was waiting for some colleagues that work in the Xerox office several suites down from me.

Let me tell you about him: (I will bullet because this could go on forever!)

Fine, Fine, Fine!
Chocolate complexion
nice smile
nice ass
deep voice
big feet ( do I really need to explain this one?)

I first saw him as a freshman in college, he was a senior. I saw him and just became dumb. The kind of dumb girls get when the see a guy and don’t know how to act. So dumb that I got drunk and propositioned him in at a party. I was still a virgin at the time. It was crazy, I was crazy and I wanted him. But being a virgin, and not really believing he would take me up my offer, I chickened out.

DAMN, why did I chicken out? I could have had him!

Now F.A.B. (that’s fine ass brotha’) is married, with a couple of rugrats!

DAMN! It could have been me… should have been me….DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!