Who Are You, Anyway?

I walked a thousand miles while everyone was asleep...nobody's really seen my million subtleties...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Damn It to Hell

I just got tired of all the bruhaha about the template so I started another blog but then after I raged against the blogger machine... I went back to the old template... Who says you can't go home?

It's almost 2 am and I should be reviewing journal articles for my exam tomorrow but I have no desire... I wanna do anything other than that. So here we are! I am still searching for another template and who knows... the happy bunny may return once I have the time and patience to figure out what went wrong with it.

It was a 3 day weekend. Why do I feel like I want one more day? At least it' s short week!a

Friday, July 21, 2006

Just Because I Want To

I thought it time for a blog makeover, so I went a searchin' and what did I see? I found this great little template lookin at me! (sorry about the Brown Bear references)

Since the title so aptly describes how I feel about boys, I thought it only right that I should become one with this template.

This is my new motto for the week. Not because I'm having man issues but because it is an inherent truth that reaches across all ages, races and geographic areas.

Even though my time for blogging is limited, and I haven't really had much I wanted to share, I thought a change was appropriate and maybe would provide the motivation needed to get back on the blogger track (hell, who are we kidding with this?).

Basically I saw it and wanted it and had to have it... so it's mine! What do you think? I thought about visiting BabyJane Blogs for a blog makeover but this was cheaper and I wasn't in the mood to think about what I wanted the new blog to look like.

So here it is....Hate it or Love it!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Can I Have That?

Everyone has one… you know… “the one that got away”, the one that just looking at him gets the hidden places all moist and wet…

Everyone has one… even HipChick!

Well, this morning as I pulled into the parking space at work, “the one that got away” was sitting in his car waiting…

Waiting for whom? Waiting for me?

I’d like to think so but he was waiting for some colleagues that work in the Xerox office several suites down from me.

Let me tell you about him: (I will bullet because this could go on forever!)

Fine, Fine, Fine!
Chocolate complexion
nice smile
nice ass
deep voice
big feet ( do I really need to explain this one?)

I first saw him as a freshman in college, he was a senior. I saw him and just became dumb. The kind of dumb girls get when the see a guy and don’t know how to act. So dumb that I got drunk and propositioned him in at a party. I was still a virgin at the time. It was crazy, I was crazy and I wanted him. But being a virgin, and not really believing he would take me up my offer, I chickened out.

DAMN, why did I chicken out? I could have had him!

Now F.A.B. (that’s fine ass brotha’) is married, with a couple of rugrats!

DAMN! It could have been me… should have been me….DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Email...

I got an email from Cousin Dan!

Who the hell is Cousin Dan?

Cousin Dan is the hot first cousin of my longtime friend J.C. He is so damn good looking it is sinful...

He just put his page up on Myspace and saw my request to become his "friend".

"Oh yes, I'll be your friend, Cousin Dan! Can we take a ride in your big black truck?"
The email subject starts with.. "hey good looking..." He means me...Oh, boy!

The email starts with "When I look at that pic I'm like "Yah she could get it." and the email ends with, "By the way I need some contact info from you."

Now I have several questions...

1. Exactly what can HipChick get?
2. How often can I get it?
3. Will I like it?
4. Can I get more if I want?

I wanna know dammit!

So... never being the person that doesn't give you what you want.... I happily provided my cell phone number and ever so slyly asked about what I could get.

No ask-y, no get-y, right?

Monday, May 22, 2006

This One's For You...Blue!

"Write something... even if the post only says, something."

"I don't have anything to say."

This was the conversation I had with Blue944 on Sunday over sangria and tapas at Jaleo. Since he read me the riot act for being a slack ass blogger, I have returned to the fold like a prodigal son seeking love and solace in the arms of my fellow bloggers.

My name is HipChick and I am a slackass blogger...

I admit it, I did it and I'm sorry...

But can you believe I'm back? I know, right!

So the gang all met Sunday for drinks and group chat... good times were had by all. Everyone was there (except Jassika... and Emptyman) for the East Coast blogger convention. The line up looked something like this:


There was even a special cameo appeareance by the Mayor of Whoville! Life can't get much better than that!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Here On The Island... Long Island

I'm here on Long Island with 'Cosmopol and her family and we're are here for this 3-day workshop on Autism Interventions for kids. It's being hosted by The Elija Foundation. Teaching Verbal Behavior to Children with Autism with Dr. Vince Carbone.

It's being held at the Long Island University CW Post Campus in Brookeville. I have never seen so many McMansions in my life! This is the only college campus I've visited that had a hair salon, and full service nail salon IN the student union. I was excited when Chik-Fil-A finally came to Towson's campus.

I'm bedding down at Cosmo's family home where high jinx is always on the menu...even when the stove is broken! Everyone is very sweet (even the little brother that yammers non-stop and talks WAY TOO MUCH TRASH!) and frets about me being ok.

I'm a low maintenance kinda girl...when I travel...I usually bring everything myself (even the air freshener for those not-so-fresh moments!) I don't need much to make me happy on the road....as long as I get to where I'm going.

Cosmo... she's from the Island... she grew up there... so I have just one question.

How do I end up lost in Long Island with a girl that grew up here? 10 minutes from where she lives? She may tell you on her blog that she hasn't lived there in 12 years....but HipChick ain't buyin' it!

We got lost on the way here, once we got here....basically every time she and I get into her car we end up...somewhere over the rainbow... on the Jericho Turnpike! Tomorrow is our last day here and we'll have to see if we get lost on our way back home.

Wouldn't that be too much?

Nah... that actually might make everything seem balanced and in order!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Since You Been Gone...

"Since you been gone...I can breathe for the first time....I'm so movin on ... yeah, yeah... thanks to you...now I get, I get what I want...since you been gone!"

Whew... just felt like singing.

"You had your chance, you blew it... out of sight out of mind....shut your mouth I just can't it"....

Since you been gone....

Restless and out of sorts... searching for something... but not sure what.

Maybe it's the boots.... wouldn't you know they ran out of my size!