Who Are You, Anyway?

I walked a thousand miles while everyone was asleep...nobody's really seen my million subtleties...

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Meaningless Trips and Gettin' It For a Song...

Well, I have done it. I purchased almost everything one "hip chick" could need for her very own dark room.

And I got it for a song on EBAY!

The only items missing are a negative carrier ( for my specific enlarger) and chemicals. I plan to acquire both of these soon. I tallied up what I spent at the Smithsonian darkrooms and I could have bought my own darkroom a year ago. Sometimes it take a person on the outside looking in to give you a fresh perspective. It was actully one of my best friends, Reedy, that offered me her laundry room in her basement as a darkroom that got me to thinking about why not set it up in my own place.

Thank God for friends! I'll be posting some stuff I've printed in the coming weeks.

The week has had a bit of a rough start. Monday was the worst! I get up at the crack of dawn to make sure that I am on time ( a rarety in itself) for a meeting in Hunt Valley ( it is bum fuck for all those who are more familiar with DC) and I get there only to find out the meeting has been cancelled!

Nevermind I find out 15 minutes after the meeting was supposed to start.

Nevermind that I had to drive 1.5 hours to get there.

Nevermind the wait would have been longer had I not called my supervisor.

Needless to say HipCHick was PISSED! Yes, gas prices have gone down but gas it still more than $2 per gallon... and wait a minute! I just spent 3 hours of my day in the car ( although it is a very nice car!)

GRRRRR! !@##$%

I was not a happy camper, and I didn't want to put on a happy face. What I wanted to do was hit someone in the face. I was livid! I could have committed mayhem...
Have you ever wanted to just slap the hell out of someone?...even though you knew there was gonna be hell to pay afterwards?

Yeah, that's how I was feeling!

I didn't want to be around people, or have my coworkers see me trying unsuccessfully to calm dowm or shake it off.... so I decided to isolate myself and be alone... working from home.

HipChick calmed down...

HipChick doesn't feel like hurting people anymore...

HipChick has let it go


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Look Who The Cat Dragged In...

Like sands across the desert,
I have been adrift.
Trying to find my way,
back from the abyss.
Tossed hither and yon,
I have been restless.
Searching for a way
To make the best of it.


The past month has been stressful. Having to come to grips with the impending death of my aunt with breast cancer, getting messages from beyond the grave, and then her funeral left HipChick drained. Add in psychotic cousins, trying to keep the proverbial family peace and what do you get....


Imagine a cold blustery day where HipChick is coughing up her lung during the funeral service and then standing out in the cold at the cemetery to see a loved one laid to rest and then finally visiting the grave of a 3 yr old cousin that she had not been allowed to see lain to rest. Yeah, it was a bit too much... even for me.

HipChick needed to stop coughing (she is still waiting for this particular phenomenon)!

HipChick needed to grieve!

HipChick needed to pick up her left lung from off the floor!

HipChick needed a break!

HipChick is ok now. She has let it go.


Sorry I haven't checked in on anyone. what the hell have you all been doing?

I have decided to stop messing around with community darkrooms and trying to find one and have decided to set up my own right here in the villa. I've got more closets than I have clothes (if you can believe that) and have decided to use my huge hall closet as the darkroom. I've purchased all necessary equipment from Ebay ( love them!) and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. The only things I have to get now are my chemistry.


I feel like it's time to get a little more serious about the photography.


With all the recent talk of death and dying, I have finally convinced my mother to take action and write up a revocable trust and will. It has taken me 7 years and the death of her sister to realize that everything needs to be put in writing and made official. Finally she has listened to me and I could not be happier!

I have even begun taking steps to put together my own trust and will. Tomorrow is promised to no one. I'd like to think that family would not be overwhelmed with preparing a funeral and administering my estate, but I know that that is not always the case. So HipChick will be prepared.


I've been thinking about starting a business. I don't know what area to focus on, but I just know that I want to start something. It's amazing the things that come to mind in between coughing and picking up your lung!

We shall see where this road leads me!