Who Are You, Anyway?

I walked a thousand miles while everyone was asleep...nobody's really seen my million subtleties...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Life Is Short...

"Life is short...buy the shoes"

This small pearl of wisdom was so eloquently etched on a shoe ornament given to me by Beltone. It was an epiphany of sorts.

I had been debating on whether to buy a $200 pair of leather stiletto boots. These boots are especially made for women with large calves. My calves are large and it is murder trying to find knee high boots that will actually fit mine. In other words, I like them but they don't like me. I found them on Zappos. com and they are gorgeous!

After seeing this lovely ornament given to me by Beltone, having a rationalization session with Girl Who Texts Messages, and seeing the size of my Christmas bonus check, I decided to buy the boots! A girl has gotta have knee high boots!

Sometimes I feel a little niggling guilt about buying things for myself...like I don't always deserve. but then I think , "I sure do deserve it, and then some..." Why do we always feel that we are less deserving than those around us? Is it something out mothers teach us? Is it learned?

I have come to this rationalization: I will treat myself now because when spouse and children come, I will need to sacrifice for their sakes. Until then... GAME ON!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tis The Season... For What?

How the hell should I know!

For me, the Christmas season is no longer a big deal. I mean most of my family is here, I shop all the time anyway, where is the draw? The holidays are just not that big of a deal. Sometimes I think I feel this way because I'm single and childless. Maybe it will mean more when these things are a part of my life... but for now it only means two things...

Making "huts" with Beltone and Independentgrl. "Huts" are mini chocolate chip snowball cookies with an entire box of confectioners sugar dumped on top. Making these at the home of Beltone has become somewhat of an annual ritual and quite the raucous good time! The other thing the holiday season means is...


Tis the season for HipChick to travel! Where will HipChick spend the holidays? What uncharted course will she choose? Well as a rule, I usually head to much warmer climes but I'm in a mood to face old man winter head on. I have envisioned this Christmas nestled in a warm cabin or chalet, sitting in front of a roaring fire, listening to "O Come All Ye Faithful." I see myself donning snow boots and my winter coat to make the trek down the mountain for the traditional Christmas dinner in the local inn or hotel.

I have decided to spend this Christmas holiday....skiing! I've never been skiing and so I thought what better way to face the winter cold than zooming down some snow covered mountain on ski or snowboard. This will be a first for me and the family... can you believe they actually agreed?

This year I'm opting for an airport free vacation... so we will not be traveling to Aspen or Vail this year... the thought of the neverending security checkpoint lines, and taking off my shoes and ALWAYS being behind the guy that did not take his laptop out of the case after 50 overhead announcements to "please take all laptops out of their cases" gives me a migraine! I have opted to stay local and..... drive a couple hours for my skiing needs!

I am hoping it will be lots of fun and that I don't come home with any broken bones. Haven't decided where to go just yet...I can't wait... I just love doing something new.