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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Oh What A Feelin.. Toyota!

I am HipChick.

This is my car!

My NEW car!

Yes, that's right, I took the big plunge yesterday and purchased my first Toyota!

Solara, that is! I have had my eye on this vehicle for quite awhile but had no plans to purchase it. The recent car troubles have necessitated the need for drastic measures and my new car purchase.

Woohoo! I feel like such a big kid right now... of course this is after spending all afternoon and most of the evening on Saturday at Toyota of Bowie with my great salesman... Mark Sands. Mark helped me rule out the hot new Scion tC and got me into my 2006 Solara... in Desert Sand Mica.

I test drove the Scion tC... it's definitely a HOT car but after driving a Neon for 5 years, I wanted to sit a little higher off the ground. The Scion is great if you want to regain your lost youth with a sporty coupe at an affordable price.

I also test drive the Solara SE... I have to say that this car even with a 4 cyl. engine MOVES. I decided on the 4 cyl. instead of the v6 because of my own driving habits... with my lead foot the v6 was more trouble than I need or want! The 4 cyl. does come with a DOHC ( dual or double overhead cam- for the automotive challenged) 2.4 liter engine... hey, this is all HipChick needs... a little speed with out having to turn off the AC to get up a hill. All you folks driving 4 cyl. SOHC ( single overhead cam) cars know what I'm talking about. Mark didn't seem to mind either that I wanted to "run it out" on the test drive. Mark was the coolest car salesman I've every had the pleasure of working with. Really! Go buy a car from him even if you DON'T live in the area!

Like my Dad always told me..."you need to stay away from the picture-takers" i.e. COPS! So no V6. She rides like a dream, handles great, and has tinted windows and a moonroof! I'm over the moon just now about this purchase. I finally feel life life is coming together now.

So the car saga has ended. I feel bit more grown up with my grown up car... a major grown up purchase.

So all I need now is a part-time job so I can drive the car and still go SHOE-shopping! I think I hear Target calling....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

5 Miles To The Dealership...

Damn! It happened. My car has "given up the ghost" so to speak.
I'm driving home from a client's house... on the hottest day of the year, and the AC just stops.

No flashing lights, no sirens, no loss of power... it just died. Now there are some reading this that will say " her shit was on it's last leg anyway, what's the big deal?"

I say to them, " yes, yes it was! But I didn't think it would stop today... of all days."

So I am now driving without air conditioning. This blows worse than having no car at all. At least with no car you can bum a ride with somebody with AC.

As I was driving to the closest place with AC... I began to think about the future unloading of my current vehicle. This current event has pushed the pending purchase date ever so much closer... to RIGHT NOW!

I'm a wuss, I can't deal... I need a late model sedan ( preferably coupe) NOW! Two days ago even! I need air!

So I have begun the search for a new vehicle... my current jitny has served its purpose and is now tired... she needs a rest... she can't stop leaking oil and she can no longer cool herself (or me, which is infintely more important, dammit!) so she must be put down!

As I am fanning myself at a stoplight... needing a shower and some dry clothing, I look up to see a billboard for a Toyota dealership... 5 miles up ahead....

I'm on my way....

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Have Exorcised The Demons!

I can be mean. I can be real mean (TG, say one thing and I will kill you!). But I don't like to be. I feel less than human, out of control even. It is not a good look for me. I am better than that. I am better than him! I don't want to be like "him." Never like him!

I am also one of those people that lets shit simmer and fester...until I can't stand it anymore. Then I let it all go...and let everyone else take cover.

Why do I do this, why operate in this manner?

I see it as giving other people a chance to get their shit together... one more chance to show me they are NOT idiots that they should have been cast off after the first fuck up. I don't ever want it to be said that, "HipChick never gave me a chance!" Oh no! Everyone gets a couple of chances. Meanwhile, I am watching those I give chances to fuck up... again.

Then I have to let go... because of the simmering, festering thing... I can not hold it in, try as I might. I just can't.

"But HipChick, everyone fucks up, even you!"

"I know, I fuck up a lot...and believe me I hate it when I do it just as much as when you do it... no one is spared the wrath...not even me!"

"Lighten up, HipChick!

" Kiss my ass!"

Anyway, when I let go I feel so much better, even though I completely dumped on another person...that fucked up!

I know this post is rambling but I have to say these things.

I have been out of sorts in my personal life. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I want out of life and what I want it to be relationships-wise. I thought I had said everything I needed to say but I found I wasn't finished... that I needed to let the person know every detail, every issue, every fucked up comment that I let slide ( can you believe I let some slide?) before I found my heart was truly clear.

After I was done...I felt free! It feels so wonderful not to have to hold it in one more day!

Am I the only one that holds things inside until I can no longer hold them?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Liquid Summer Festival: "Getting Home From Graceland"

KBB actually played over their time.... hell yeah! Unfortunately they stopped just as they were getting into "Homegrown." Storm clouds begin to move in and the sun, that had been present for all of their performance up until then, had disappeared!

We had come to see KBB at Liquid Summer. Mission accomplished. We had gotten the requisite KBB stickers (free at every show), I had purchased 2 t-shirts (1 tank top, 1 shortsleeve) which I plan to make Kelly sign at the next KBB show, and we had danced and "put our booty on the floor."

It was time to go home.

We began to make the trek back to Fells Point proper to hail the necessary cab back to Canton. We're walkin', walkin', walkin until we hitched a ride with a guy(driving a pick-up truck) that we partied with at the festival.

"Oh thank you semi-weird guy from the festival. Sure, you can give us a ride to our cars."

Independentgrl and I pile into his pick-up truck and we make our way back to the garage in Canton.

"Thanks again semi-weird guy. We'll see you at the next KBB show, right?

"You bet!"

"Great, and thanks a bunch!"

With those parting words, we all made our way home from Liquid Summer, feeling fulfilled, feeling spent, and looking forward to next KBB experience.

Good times, indeed!

Liquid Summer Festival: "Dancin', Dancin', Dancin'!"

Oh the things that you'll see when you mix music and alcohol.

Funny stuff, indeed!

The funniest thing we saw was this guy dancing to KBB music. I mean, this guy was obviously a fan. The way he moved was indescribable..., mezmerizing even! Completely hysterical. He was dancing like crazy in his own special way... with a beer in his hand!

"What's so funny about that?"

What was so funny about this is that while he was dancing like Elaine from Seinfeld, he was spilling beer all over the place and especially his feet! I've never seen anyone dance like that... ever! Dude was definitely in the zone! He had eyes closed, moving in circles and looking very intense! He must have spilled beer on himself about 20 times!

Who could blame him? He was a KBB fan, he was there to party with KBB. I can understand this. I am a self-proclaimed groupie myself.

But it was still the FUNNIEST thing seen at the festival.

Good times!

word of advice~ bring a camera so you can capture all the funny stuff on film!

Liquid Summer Festival: "I Feel Every Rock!"

Independentgrl and I failed to bring lawnchairs to this event. Hell, we failed to know that there was a parking garage in Fells...or here's an even better one.... we failed to know there was actual parking at the event.

We know now!

Having failed to bring this necessary item, we were doomed to stand around while watching the bands play. While waiting for the Kelly Bell Band to set up, we finally broke down and sat on one of the inflatable games they had standing around... it think it was football.

"you can't sit on the game, we're about to start play." Ok, pal, I get it ... movin' on. Next caller!

Damn, foiled!

After play was finished, we walked back over to the inflatable game and parked out asses on that ohh so good inflatable plastic! It felt so good... we didn't even care that it was wet! it just felt good to sit. Especially after walking in circles in Fells Point.

In comes event staff gustapo.... "You can't sit on the games."

Fucking-A, dude would you just gimme a break!

Damn, foiled again!

IG and I go back to the band area to await the KBB ( groupies are dedicated if nothing else). Finally IG breaks down and tells me she going to sit on the wet gravelly ground using her umbrella as a buffer. I look at her umbrella, this is a posiblity for her since she has an average size umbrella.

I look at my sucksass umbrella and think, "it will have to do, at least until KBB is ready to play."
So we plop our asses down on umbrellas for a few moments of respite.

Maybe 10 minutes later Independentgrl looks over at me and says, "I may have to stand up... I can't take much more of this. I feel every rock not to mention the piece of pole up my ass!"

I wanna laugh my ass off but I can't cause I've got gravel in mine too! Thank God, we didn't have to wait much longer for KBB!

2 minutes later we'd had enough and both got up...Thanks to my sucksass umbrella, I not only felt every rock... I also had WET ASS!

Oh well, KBB is warming up... wet ass is good... wet ass is good.

I looked at a couple behind me and said, "wet ass is good, right?"

Their reply was, "wet ass is very good!"


word of advice~ bring a lawnchair to the festival.

Liquid Summer Festival: "Aww Come On, Meathead!"

Arrival at the festival, there was no rain... but it was muggier than hell. Turnout was dismal for a Fells Point function. I have to attribute this to the rain. There is no other way to explain it. But HipChick and Independentgrl have arrived so let the games begin!

We immediately move ourselves in the direction of the current band playing, Jah Works. Excellent band, very good and one of IG's favorites. Honestly, it took a minute for me to adjust seeing a group of white guys performing reggae... but they rocked!

On our way to the music, IG spots a couple of meathead guys... you know the ones. They spend there entire lives in the gym pumping iron and feeling the "burn." They also look like they're on the juice... you know the ones!

One meathead in particular has sparked my interest. Why because he is wearing glasses! I am sure you're thinking,"what the hell does that have to do with anything?" You had to see this guy! He looked like the Hulk with
Woody Allen spectacles... it was TOO FUNNY! Meathead was also wearing "cropped" sweatpants... as hot as it was!

"Aww come on Meathead, YOU CAN'T LOOK LIKE A MEATHEAD AND WEAR GLASSES! At least get some contacts to complete the look! And don't wear sweatpants on a hotass day to a festival... you FREAK!

word of advice~Change your gym clothes before you come to the festival.

Liquid Summer Festival: "In More Ways Than One"

Yesterday was the maiden run of the Liquid Summer Festival in Fells Point yesterday.

Being newbies at this festival thing... IG and I parked in Canton and taxied ourselves to Fells. First time I hailed a cab in the city...ever! I felt Like Carrie Bradshaw! But not before we had a cabbie of African descent mumble something about eyes and being from around "here"... whatever dude just drive the fucking cab already! This was after a much discussed decision about whether to even attend with the torrential downpours that had been happening all day. But HipChick, ever the pioneer, decided the
KBB was worth a few raindrops!

The weather was horrible and NO ONE in Fells seemed to know where this festival was supposed to be happening. In Fells Point, this is completely weird 'cause Fells is one of the "drinking meccas" of Baltimore city.

It was something straight out of The Truman Show... we visited several popular Fells Point establishments...Soundgarden...The Daily Grind and NO ONE could tell us where the festival was happening. Nevermind it was happening right down the street! Finally we wandered into Trixie's Place and the lovely chick inside told us exactly where to go.

"Oh thank you shopgirl, I shall remember you in my will."

I will attempt to tell the story of the festival using snappy headings and separate postings... cause you'll get more out of it this way... and hell, it amuses me to do so.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Johns Come, Johns Go....

I recently received an e-mail from a guy I went to high school with. He sent the e-mail via Classmates.com and stated that I should "hit him up sometime" and included his cell number. Now this guy was kinda cool and we had several of our classes together all throughout high school.
I was in no way, shape or form as hip as I am now, so the fact that this guy even remembers me at all scores him points.

I decide this afternoon to give him a call. I leave a breathless message and he calls right back!
We chat for over an hour and catch up on what each has been doing since high school. My story was a lot more raucous than his (hey, they don't call me HipChick for nothin'!) but it was good to tell it anyway!

I failed to ask him any of the usual questions... you know kids, wife, pets etc...'cause I don't really give a shit, but I did ask about his interests. Golf, music- producing and playing, and working with adolescents. Wow! I was kind of surprised... cause this guy was always the meat-head type in high school (that was mean...I know).

Hey, maybe this is someone I can hang out with... that will like to DO things besides sit on his ass and/or sleep. Is this someone who wants to enjoy life? I need a hangin' partner, man! So I tell this guy to give me a call sometime so we can hang out...We shall see.

Incidentally, his name is John... and so is
the Chef's!

I guess when you're a call girl...Johns come, Johns go!


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I Have A Pimp, His Name is Sam...

Today I spent the entire day in US District Court. I have been selected as a juror for the entire month of July. I'm the govt's call girl for jury service. Call me, I come to the designated time and place and I perform my duty. There is only one problem with being the call girl for Uncle Sam...

When the Uncle Sam is your pimp you NEVER get your money up front!

Anyone that knows anything about being an escort knows the first order of business is to get your money up front. So it really bothers me that I must be on-call and not get paid until some time in the future. I mean, I'm doing all the work, I'm making the sacrifices. Hell, I'm faking it to get the job done!

As my luck would have it, I was chosen to sit on a jury for a case (details to come after the trial) and will be going to court for the remainder of the week and possibly into the next depending on the deliberations.

Ain't life grand!

I could think of a million things I'd rather be doing than sitting in the jury box this week. But I guess I'll be a call girl for Uncle Sam...this week.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day- Says Who?

Today is July 4th.. Independence Day.. but I don't feel free. I am shackled to the famliy unit for sun, fun, and grilling. What's not to love about this you ask? Well the fact that my Mom can be a a bit neurotic, it's hot as shit outside, and I'm just not in the mood!

What would be an ideal situation? What would be the perfect day?

Well, the perfect Independence Day for me would be sitting in an aire conditioned room with a big screen TV, munching on grilled burgers and steak (grilled lovingly by Jeeves the butler) , and watching all my favorite movies. That would be a perfect day. Of course, in between movies I'd engage in urbane conversations with friends and family while sipping chilled glasses of my favorite chardonnay or
Berry Wine.

It's all about the independence factor...which today is sadly missing from this days festivities. I could scream! Shouldn't I be celebrating the fact that I am now INDEPENDENT from the parental units? Shouldn't I be having it MY WAY? Don't get me wrong. I love the fam, I just don't want to be bothered today. Maybe I am going against the proverbial grain by not wanting to celebrate the holiday because society says that I should.

Maybe the heat is making me crabby, maybe I'm just not into July 4th festivities. I can honestly say it is the one holiday that I could care less about...I can take it or leave it. I never want to do anything on July 4th, the thought of entertaining people...friend, family or acquaintance... is enough to make me want to slit my wrists. This may seem a bit harsh to some...GET OVER IT!...Besides, if you had a dollar for everytime I wanted to slit my wrist...you'd be rich.

Honestly, to me Independence Day is a day that I just want to veg out. You know, be still like vegatables.. lie like broccoli (line from Pretty Woman- a fav!). That 's how I choose to express MY independence.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Notebook

What an awesome movie! I just finished watching it on dvd and what an amazing love story. I see things like that and I still believe there's hope for the rest of us. Will any of us ever know the type of love that spans across time and space?

Sometimes I think "No, no we will not" and other times I think "maybe, just maybe".

We are looking for the perfect fit... into our lives, our hearts. What happens to those of us that don't find the perfect fit? Do we alter the shape of our lives and hearts so that another can fit or do we just move to the next"puzzle piece" hoping the next person will fit into our designated space?

Opinions differ. Some will repeat the words of
Kelly Bell Band, " I'm movin on." Others will use the words of Al Green, "Let's stay together". It's a crapshoot, and I'm a bettin' woman!

Oh but to find a love like Noah and Allie's... is the stuff of movies. I'm not sure it exists in real life, and if it does then it only happens to folks I don't know.

"I have traveled across oceans of time to find you"
-Bram Stoker's Dracula

All I know is I want that kind of love!